About me

Bringing to life this blog was related with large changes in my life – university, after that first job and new connections. I wanted it to be a way to escape dailiness and express myself and my private ideas of the reality. And I did it completely – right now blog is developing with the full strength ,while you can get to know me from each side.
What can you read on the blog?
Articles concern vorious areas – studies, business, broadly defined lifestyle subject, fashion, sport ,etc.. In one word – they contain all of that, what absorbs, interests me and gives me joy. Thanks to this you have an assurance, that all you will see on that blog is an effect of passion and knowledge.
What is more, my blog is the way of exchanging views with readers – I gladly answer to all points of commentators and take a part in discussions, which take a place under all of articles. In this way I want to build a group of people, which is at the moment extremely big. I encourage you to read!
I believe, that you’ll spend on this blog nice time!