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The importance of individual student at Atlantis Driving School

Posted on March 2rd, 2014

Learning the skills which require a practical experience are always dependent on individual students. The capacity of a student to absorb the knowledge, incorporate the knowledge when practically working on it and the fastness to inculcate the basic principles determine the success rate in that particular skill.

Looking at the technique of driving, it can be safely assumed that everyone passes from different stage and has its different speed of learning. So, the Driving Academy London has initiated the series of courses and lessons which are intended at refining the proficiency of students on individual basis. Each course is flexible and personalized to match the student’s capabilities.

There are no standard lectures when it comes to practical road experience. Every student must get a chance to sit behind the steering wheel. To reach a safe confidence level, every student has to make different level of efforts and takes different number of lessons.

The short term courses like Crash Driving Courses are still designed to make you pass the exam. In such courses, the Atlantis Driving School follows the rule of time effectiveness. The courses which are short but extensive are the ones for the people who are facing the dilemma like ‘test in a week’. These 2 days or 3 days courses give you enough practical approach to make you pass the exam.

The regular courses which are most popular among the students are Intensive Driving Courses Guaranteed Pass. The students can register to a 10 day or 5 day lesson plan based on their skill level. The fast learner and the people who had basic knowledge can learn it in few days training but the others must get a more intensive training.

The technology of the car also differs in different gear types and transmission system and it is a prime responsibility of the driving instructor to impart education in the relevant cars. For example at Atlantis Driving School, the Automatic Driving Lessons are delivered at automatic cars to make you perform better at this type.

The students who are interested in the driving of heavy weight vehicle or want to become freight drivers are offered the course of Advanced Driver Training and Test, in which individual student takes practice session and the learning is tested by taking regular mock tests. So, there is no standard procedure which can make you a driver instantly but we can assure you that you can become a professional driver with our guidance.


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