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London Driving school London Driving school London Driving school

Online Driving Theory Test

    Whether you want to book online driving theory test or want to prepare for your driving test online, we are the people who can help you for free. For many people it is difficult to manage the learning classes for driving in their fully packed schedules. Whether you are a student or an employee, the tough routines make it impossible to take out time to prepare for the driving test. The practical test requires you to demonstrate all of the prompt skills in front of your examiner. In this part, you will have to actually drive the car and would have to exhibit proficiency in the basic maneuvers. So, to be able to pass this sort of exam, you must learn the actual road experience. You will have to take the car out on the road to learn all these things. Nevertheless, theory test is all your brain work, it does not require your physical efforts.

    All you have to do is to enroll in our online driving lessons and prepare the course from the comfort of your home. Our instructors served in this field for many years now and have a complete understanding if the whole procedure. It makes us stand out from others. As a dedicated training school, all of our efforts are aimed to maximize the comfort of the student. The online courses and the mock tests are the part of this commitment. We promise you the maximum learning and all of the preparatory material will be provided to you. For the practical test, training can be imparted to you by the training sessions arranged at the most convenient times.

    The theory test has two parts and it is conducted on the same day. The one part consists of 50 MCQs that questions your understanding about the laws, traffic signs and other controls. The second part of the theory driving license test is hazard perception in which the aspirant will have to identify the potential hazard on the road. It is in the form of video clips and one must detect the right stimulus within the specified time window. There are a total of 14 clips. The DSA has the approved course with the name of source books that must be followed to prepare for the theory exam. We, at Atlantis driving school are the strict followers of the DSA guidelines. All of our lessons are planned by keeping in mind the actual test.

    Prepare for your online driving theory test with the help of our experienced instructors. Student’s learning is evaluated after every short interval and the mock tests are conducted on the regular basis. Get the best level of training right in your browser without having to go through the classroom environment!.

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