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London Driving school London Driving school London Driving school

Driving Test Tips

    Most of the drivers go through the struggle to pass the driving exam and this is the time when any driving test tips will come handy. The list of tips and successful practices are poured on you by every qualified family member and relatives, as you decide to cover this milestone of your teenage life. Even the ones who are not so good at driving, consider it as a great opportunity to provide a critical analysis of your lacking. But, few tips are actually the match winning ones and must be worked upon. When you enroll into a driving academy to get the formal training, the driving instructor will provide you with a list of techniques according to your skills.

    Driving license test is only partly about the skills, maneuvers and driving controls, but the actual problem that results in the high failure rate is the nervousness of the student. In any practical exam the first thing is to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for the ordeal.  Here are the few important tips that you can follow

    Sleep properly:  A night before your exam, you must be in jitters. It is important to forget about the challenge and take a good night’s sleep. If you are lousy or sleepy on the test day, you can perform up to the best level. So, sleep well and take a rest.

    Increase your confidence through the mock tests: The mock test can be the best way to fully prepare yourself for the test day. Ask your supervisor or the instructor to arrange the mock practical test for you and to evaluate you on the same criteria as that of DSA. It will boost up your confidence level will help you in beating down the nervousness.  

    Stay Focused: Dividing attention can be the worst thing and will definitely influence your performance negatively. Right at the start of your driving lessons, you are asked to stay focused. Keep every disturbing thing out of your mind.

    Get to know your car: For the show me, tell me questions, you must get to know your car thoroughly. It is a bad impression if you do not know where the oil kit is. So, spend some time in in identifying the different controls, switches and other things of your car. You feel more confident when you have prepared well on the same car.

    Take a test drive: If you have borrowed the vehicle, one of the important driving test tips is to take a test drive before the actual exam. In this way, there will be no surprises for you during the test. It gives you a chance to ensure that all of the maneuvers are working properly.

London Driving school

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