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London Driving school London Driving school London Driving school

Driving License

    In the United Kingdom, if you want to drive a car, lorry, motorcycle or any other vehicle, you must have the respective driving license. The Driving Standard Agency is the authority that regulates the driving rules and regulations. The DSA conducts tests for all of the license categories and awards the qualified drivers are awarded the certification. If you are caught driving on the road and do not have a license, you will be sacked and fined. According to the laws, a person who is 17 years of age can apply for the license. The test is taken in two phases, one is the theory test and the other one is the practical test. The exams are designed in a way that it challenges all of your expertise and proficiencies of the driving as well as determines your knowledge about the laws and traffic signs.  To pass such kind of comprehensive test, people tend to register in the fast pass driving lessons. However, the pass rate of candidates is still only around the 47-48%.

    As a controlling authority, they have different criteria for the vehicles. A driver who wants to ride an automatic transmission car must have an automatic driving license in category B. Any other variation in the weight of the vehicle is compensated with a modified type. The applicant has to submit the fee along with the application to apply for the license. In case of failure, the new form and fee has to be submitted.

    The objective of scrutinizing the drivers is to ensure the public safety and to avoid the road hazards. The defensive driving techniques are very important in making a safe driver. If a rider fails to exhibit control over the car, it can be dangerous to his own safety and the security of other road users. The examiner closely watches the drivers and also evaluates his independent driving skills. The theoretical portion ascertains the knowledge about the laws and the ability to identify the potential hazards on the road.

    So, if you are looking to qualify the driving license test without wasting any chance or money, we provide you the fully professional guidance at every step of your preparation. Stay confident and learn to drive from fully DSA qualified staff. We ensure the maximum learning in the minimum amount of time. Delivering up to the expectations of our pupils is our agenda and we have been fulfilling it through hard work. Taming the beginners to pass the driving test in the first attempt is the prized services of our instructors. Through the regular reinforcement of safe practices during the intensive practice sessions, you are trained to manage any situation that may come across on the road.

London Driving school

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