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London Driving school London Driving school London Driving school

Driving Lessons

    For any beginner who wants to learn driving, the driving lessons are very important. Driving is an art which requires your continuous physical and mental attention. A driver has to stay alert, has to observe all the happenings on the road and has to quickly respond to these happenings. So, to become proficient in such a skill is not an easy task. A beginner has to start his journey by getting some specialized training. To become a licensed driver and to be able to drive the car independently requires you to qualify for the driving test. In this test, the abilities of the driver to start, run and stop the car along with taking turns, parking the vehicle and other maneuvers are tested thoroughly. The tests are conducted to ensure that the driver is fully trained and will not prove a hazard on the road. But, how can an eager beginner become an expert level driver? That is done with the help of the professional driving courses.

    We at the Atlantis driving school are known for our fast pass driving lessons. These lessons promulgate two major areas of interest. Our aim is to make you pass the exam in as less time as possible and in addition to this, we emphasize in ensuring the safe driving habits in our students. Just like in any vocational training or other learnings, the basics play an important role in determining your future skills. A strong foundation ensures a sound building. We truly believe this and hence, we emphasize on the basic level training and the fundamentals of driving. Once, these basic arts like doing the cockpit drill, starting the car, using the gears and stopping the car is learned properly, the advance level skills are not a problem. As a premier driving education center in London, we adhere to the DSA guidelines. All of our instructors have cleared all levels of the exams that make them fully certified driving trainers.

    The students not only expect the intensive practice, but the driving test tips to overcome the nervousness or to exhibit complete control over the vehicle on the test day must also be taught. We understand your need and are fully focused on delivering the quality that you expect. Every beginner starts from a different level and has different personality traits. Our personalized driving programs are altered to cater these individual needs. Patient and friendly staffs help you to get comfortable behind the wheel and calms down your nerves. At the same time, the resilient watch never neglects a mistake during the driving lessons .It helps you to know your lack of abilities and you can easily work on maximizing them. If you are considerate towards the road safety, we are the people to assist you.


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