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Driving Academy London VS learning from a family member

Posted on March 1rd, 2014

There has been a long debate on whether or not one should enroll in the driving academies to become a qualified driver. The high lesson fees, time limitations and the indifference to individual pupil are arguments which have been fueling the fire to this disagreement. Few of the people belong to the school of thought that the family and friends can be good teachers in your driving experience but the others are of the opinion that the professional help must be sought to shape up a safe driver out of an enthusiastic beginner.

Now, the recent studies have revealed that the students who are properly tamed and trained by Driving Academy London are much better off on the roads than the other. Even confirmed by the driving authorities, the success rate of the students who are enrolled in Intensive Driving Courses Guaranteed Pass is much higher than the ordinary students.

Though, subscribing to one particular lesson is not all what it takes to qualify for a driving license test but it definitely helps you out to become a better and safe driver.

The basic function of Intensive Driving Courses London is to make you pass the exam. But the major differences which have been identified by the researches has been the teaching method of an ADI and an inexperienced family member or friend. Actually the experience helps the instructors to chalk out best lesson plans which are according to the guidelines of the Driving Standard Agency.

A best driver does not necessarily has to be the best teacher, so it is not possible that an unprofessional person can impart the complete driving skills in a beginner. Individual attention has been a problem in the previous years, but the expert level driving school like Atlantis Driving School puts a special stress on the pupils.

For us each student is different from other and hence the teaching must be done accordingly. The flexibility in the courses make it more customizable and can be altered as per the needs of student.

The courses like Advanced Driver Training and Test and Automatic Driving Lessons are known to be much reputable in learning the expertise in one particular type of driving. This study has brought the role of professional guidance for the beginners to the spotlight.

For the better safe road safety and the need to train safe drivers, we cannot ignore the importance of driving instructors.


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