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Defensive Driving Lessons

    Most of the car accidents that occur on the roads are triggered by the mistake of only one driver and this emphasizes on the need of defensive driving lessons. In only few scenarios that both the drivers violate the traffic rules and end up in collision. Consider the road as a complete environment where the action of one directly influences the others, so one not only has to be responsible for his actions but must be vigilant about others too. Defensive driving is a term that works beyond the basic driving skills and fundamentals of traffic laws. It is the ability of a driver to anticipate the probable actions of the other drivers and to react to them in a safe manner. There are many potential hazards on the road; it can be a pedestrian, a motor cyclist or another car driver. So, the driver has to be fully focused on his surroundings and should observe any disturbing stimuli ahead of time. The sooner you identify such a harmful behavior, the more time you will have to react to it. 

    The defensive driving techniques help you in the hazard perception test. A driver cannot be considered a safe driver until he demonstrates such practices that are able to counter any threat on the road. A part of these techniques is related to the bad weather conditions or driving at night. Driving in low visibility whether it is due to the foggy weather or any other problem can be very dangerous. So, a more careful approach towards the speed, positioning and maneuvering controls must be adopted. For example, you must know how to apply the brakes in the rainy weather, so that the car does not skid off. The practice theory test must include all of these conditions that require you to be more cautious.

    While you are driving on the road, you must make sure that you are attentive to your surroundings and are focused only on the road. There are certain distracted driving habits that cause havocs on the road. The examples of such acts are the eating, texting and calling during the drive. Tending to the child or pets can also cause your attention to divert. So, your defensive driving lessons from a reputed DSA qualified teacher will help you to learn to how to stay focused. The do’s and don’ts of the trade are taught to every student. Through the road experience, a pupil is not only trained to perceive the actions of the others but he also gets to know the defensive responses in every scenario. Learn the safe driving right in the start and be a safe driver for the rest of your life.

London Driving school

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