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Automatic Driving Lessons

    Keep in mind the type of car you will be driving in the future when you are applying for the driving license. For the vehicles which weigh up to 3500kg's, there are two type of license, category B and category B-auto. These licenses are entitled for two different type of gearbox options, automatic and manual. At Atlantis driving school the DSA approved instructors offer well-structured and properly articulated Automatic Driving Lessons to the learners. The intensive courses are aimed at sharpening your driving skills on an automatic car. The students are imparted knowledge of an automatic vehicle, its driving techniques and defense driving.

    Atlantis Driving School always believes that the extensive practice is the key which can sharpen the skills and can boost your confidence level. The beginners undertake their practice sessions on automatic cars for Automatic Driving Lessons. There are different course lengths of this lesson and the student can enroll in the one which suits to his time schedule, expertise and the available time till the final exam of driving license. For us, there is nothing more important than a student and we are always patient, considerate and tolerant with them. Learning to drive is definitely a challenging experience in every sense of it. It is a thrilling experience to control the vehicle and navigate your path. Through the help of Automatic Driving Lessons, we channelize your enthusiasm to shape out a trustworthy and responsible driver out of you which understands the traffic rules and is determined to follow them. It is always very enchanting and it feels great to pass the exam on the very first trial.

    Right in the start, you must be able to distinguish between the two types of car and their basic driving techniques. Since all of our trainers are recognized by driving standard agency, we are well trained and experienced to teach you as reliable driving instructors. We also offer pick and drop in most of the areas of London and SW19. The class timings are adjusted according to your convenience. The intensive course of Automatic Driving Lessons which are offered at Atlantis Driving School will be a promising experience for you and will guide your path even after you are ready to drive your automatic car on your own. The eager drivers who intend to rely on automatic transmission cars in the future as their own transport must get themselves registered in Automatic Driving Lessons at Atlantis driving school.

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