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London Driving school London Driving school London Driving school

Advanced Driver Training and Test

    Atlantis Driving School offers Advanced Driver Training and Test to enhance the skills of potential driving instructors and enlighten their road to become a successful driving instructor which is approved by DSA. Here, it is the road to guaranteed success.

    If you want to make a safe and long term career in the driving training, you must first enroll yourself in the Advanced Driver Training and Test. A career in driving academy in London can be a prospering and lucrative one, if you possess the necessary skills of being a quality driving instructor. A mere driver cannot become a driving instructor. If you know how to drive, it does not mean that you can also teach others how to drive. To be a successful and skilled driving instructor, you must be approved by Driving Standard Agency. There are three exams which must be passed before you become an approved driving instructor from a potential driving instructor.

    At the Atlantis driving school, the Advanced Driver Training and Test is so designed that it caters all prospects of a future driving instructor. It is based on developing the skills up to the level of the highest standard through extensive practice. During this course the prospects have to go through all of the demanding practices of driving. Atlantis driving school trains the drivers on all roads from highways, motorways, narrow streets to cul de sacs. Going through extensive hours of driving, a driver is able to maneuver each turn, parking and speed limits in a professional manner. This training is tough and requires your complete attention and efforts towards qualifying for the DSA approval. We believe that the candidate must be very motivated to make a career in this field, if he wants to pass the exams.

    The high fail rates at DSA put stress on the need of getting yourself trained from a high level trainer itself. So, joining Atlantis Driving School is your permit to be a qualified driving instructor with a warranted career. The third part of exam is based on almost 40 hours tuition and it also tests your skills to teach the pupils. In Advanced Driver Training and Test, we not only focus on hardcore driving skills but also impart knowledge of soft skills. A good instructor is the one which is patient and encouraging towards its students. Get the training and train your own pupils through Advanced Driver Training and Test.

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